Uncle and Aunt speaking at their Son Kevin’s wedding

We last left off in San Francisco with Joey telling me that it takes two. The last five weddings were exhausting but every single one was worth it. We went from Minnesota to Portland to Cedar Rapids to San Jose and now we’re off to Chicago.

Partner in crime for 8/9 weddings

For the first time since June I’ll be in Madison for over 20 days straight. I’ve been meaning to write about this since the first week of November but a mix of work and the world just not wanting to make sense took a toll and when writing about true love I wanted to be in a good place.

So turns out, 2017 was when all of my friends (and 2 cousins) decided to get married. I was invited to 10 and only had 1 conflict (Lauren & Jay, wish I could’ve been there).

Most people thought I was crazy…

This is my Grandpa. 3:08pm Sept 28, 2007 he died. I was probably planning what I was going to do that Friday night when I got the phone call from my sister telling me that he had just died, quietly in bed surrounded by our cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandma. As some of you might now, grandpa was one of the more influential people in my life. And today is the anniversary of his death and so I wanted to write a short post about him and I.

I wanted this post to be about how my grandpa had imparted…

Before MayGregor there was Tatum vs. Simpson

August 26th, 2017 UFC Champion Conor McGregor stepped into the boxing ring to face 49–0 Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. The two clashed under the bright lights of T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in a surprisingly entertaining fight ending with a TKO victory for Mayweather Jr.

Almost 21 years ago, November 9th, 1996 there was another boxing spectacle that has been often forgotten in the pages of combat sports history. Tatum vs. Simpson: Payback

A nuclear safety inspector from Springfield, Homer Simpson lived a happy life with his wife and 3 children. To call Simpson’s meteoric rise in the sport of…

My dad’s always been a funny guy, always exaggerating things and cracking jokes. There was one time when my sisters and I were out to dinner with our parents and one of my sisters sneezed.

Achee,” said Dad.

My sister looked at my dad puzzled and said, “Wait, what did you say?

I said ‘Achee,’” he replied in Vietnamese. We all looked at him confused, so he persisted, “Achee! You know! It’s what white people say when someone sneezes!

And then we realized that he was confusing “Achoo” with “Bless you” and somehow came up with “Achee.

We all started…

Dear Mr. Helke,

The last time we interacted you actually presented an award to me in 2004 at Eagle Ridge Junior High School that I still have in my room. Hope you’ve been well since. It’s been 10 years this week since I graduated from Burnsville Senior High School. In the 10 years since graduation, I’ve spent a couple summers working with at risk communities in Vietnam, I’ve shaken the president’s hand, I’ve participated in peaceful protests, and countless other amazing and memorable experiences. …

Uncomfortable. That was how I felt when I first finished this article. (Not Your Mule and Oscars So White Collid by CJ Louis) I really enjoyed it but I had to process my own feelings. But its ok to be uncomfortable. Its ok to not be sure. Racism is tricky like that.

I’m sad that this was a divisive conversation because OscarsSoWhite hashtag is so inclusive for PoC communities. I remember growing up I learned about race/racism/prejudice from black culture. (Someone once told me I wasn’t a real asian and I straight up quoted Carlton Banks “We’re running the same…

Twenty years ago, I honestly thought that I’d be playing in the NFL. Ten years ago I thought I’d be married and working for a big firm in New York. One year ago I thought I’d be in Washington DC wrapping up my fifth financial audit. Well as most of you know, even though I declared myself eligible for the draft I am not in the NFL. Turns out, life doesn’t always happen the way we plan it.

The economy didn’t always cooperate with my parents’ plans. I went to a lot of elementary schools. …

Honolulu, 1989

Back to the Future Day was a little over a week ago. Technically, Back to the Future II day if you think about it. I will be dressing up as Dr. Emmett Brown this Halloween. Pretty excited. I was always enamored with those movies. The music, the story, and the timing were so perfect. (Pun intended) The scene where Doc Brown is on the clock tower fumbling with the wires, Marty in the Delorean barreling down the street! Something that still makes me clench my jaw in anxiety. …

(If you don’t want them speaking Vietnamese then why the fuck is there Vietnamese on the board.)


Vietnamese/Asian American on Medium straight flexing

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