Your attempt to shrug off the numerous big lies told by the MSM is quite pathetic.
Caleb Mars

Caleb, you are 100% right. It was a pleasure to read your eloquent rebuttal. In fact,Trump won because he hit a nerve among many American people. Hillary missed the point, and, anyway, nobody could stand her. It is interesting that during the primaries (when no one gave Trump a chance and actually thought his candidacy was a joke), nobody was talking about Russians. Only when he won the election. Last time I checked, no Russian citizen actually voted in the election, am I right? So many Americans were so bamboozled and brained-washed by the minions of the Evil Empire that Trump literally picked their pockets? We are to believe this? I lived in Russia for 10 years, have published articles about Russians on this very blog, and I would venture to say that I know more about Russian and Russians that 95% of Americans. But since American is God’s country, representing all that is good and virtuous, then EVIL must be identified, right? And Russia makes the perfect scapegoat. The Americans have been installing and supporting dictators for years when it has suited their objectives, then they start screaming about Human Rights when these tyrants become expendable. Americans: biggest hypocrites this side of the British. OF COURSE, the Russian government is shit, full of corruption, and more than willing to kill or imprison members of the opposition; nobody disputes that. Nobody is trying to make choirboys out of Russian authorities (if only Americans knew how stupid a lot of these guys are, then they could relax!). But the Americans are not, and never have been, angels. It’s amazing to me how the New York Times (the Washington Post is no better) can support racist nitwits like this Asian twat DeLeong, or whatever her name is. But that’s the Nazi Far Left. CULT? Give me a break. Ever since God disappeared (and I, for one, was glad to see ‘Him’ go), the worship of celebrities has been on the rise. If not Trump, then LeBron James. Or Miley Cyrus. Or Conchita the transvestite who won the Eurovision Song Contest a couple of years ago. Don’t know about you, but I’ll have Trump as my president and LeBron as VP.

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