Why is this beautiful to me?
Debbie Galant

Nice photos, Debbie, and lovely piece. I’m with you. Beauty is everywhere. Things stop me as I go about my daily commute and routines. When they do I never question that feeling that something unexpected and unanticipatable but somehow, on some level, mine, has called out to me. (Hence the title of my 2014 solo show, “Unscheduled Stops.”) My job then is to see if I can translate that paradoxical sense of surprise and recognition into a photograph, reducing three dimensions and sensory flow into two dimensions and a forever frozen sliver of time.

The phone does make a big difference. I got an iPhone 7+ last fall. By the looks of your pictures, you may have gotten a 7 or something equally good, especially in low light. I feel a bit abashed. For years I have kept my 20+ megapixel Canon SLR under the driver’s seat of my car, ready to respond to reality’s siren call. The abashment is that since getting the 7+, I use the big dog less and less because the 7+ can do things it cannot….or can, but with more bother. And the bulky SLR is never as handy as the 7+ in my pocket. And the screen on the 7+ is so bright and clear and large, it makes pictures easier to frame. And it is silent and there is no mirror shake. And…yes, another AND, the built-in Apple crop, color and light adjustments are potent and easy to use. The 7+ is, in short, a boon. My best pictures of late have been made on the phone. (To see what I mean, check my Instagram feed.)

Anyway, thanks for this essay, the photos, and continue to rock with your new little miracle. My, have we Boomers come a long way from our Kodak Brownies and Instamatics, let alone my first post-college Nikon F with manual focus and exposure and a handheld Luna Pro light meter.

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