The wonders of mobile and how it can change expression. Or, technology isn’t so bad sometimes!

It had taken me awhile to become used to this new mobile tablet, and I was always trying to download useful stuff for it. I wasn’t having much luck for a long time until I got this Android phone that came with a wireless devise’ and lo and behold the tablet started to work! That was just the beginning. I lost the tablet for a good amount of time, and even forgot about it. One day I needed to read an eBook and the phone was not cutting it, the laptop computer was too bulky, and so I rediscovered the tablet. I turned on the phone wireless signal and was able to download the eBook to the tablet. Now it wasn’t perfect for reading experience, but it seemed to get the job done.

So here I was experimenting with the tablet off and on, and it occurred to me all of a sudden that maybe there was an app for mobile devise writing. It might be a kick to install one and give it a whirl. I did it relatively pain-free. So here I was typing away, and it worked just like texting on an old BlackBerry phone. I needed to keep an open mind and discover whether this program was useful for me. The novelty could ware off soon, but since I was on the go all the time and the tablet was portable maybe, just maybe I could make a habit of using it to record thoughts. And I have a lot of thoughts! Damn, I practically wrote a whole novel on a BlackBerry phone using the braille-like keypad. I could text with my left hand and almost didn’t need to look at the screen to write with it. The BlackBerry eventually stopped working and I misplaced it somewhere but I was going to title the entries into the phone, Tales from my CrackBerry. I even imagined it as a book die cut to a phone dimension with a distinctive BlackBerry-like look. This is a bit of whimsy I never acted upon.

* * * * * * * *

I am telling this story because of my discovery of Periscope. This is one app that has really changed my whole perspective on the Mobile world, and I’m astounded by it’s power and potential. Live video streaming has been around for a long time, but Periscope has made it so easy. You turn on your phone, open the app and click the Start Broadcast button, and you are live across the planet! There are a few tips and tricks you need to learn and implement with the program, but all it takes is some guts and ambition and you are getting your message out to thousands of people.

So here’s this tablet that came into my possession almost by accident (I traded for it) thinking that it might have some useful application for me and my business. If Periscope works so well I figured why not try another app. I fiddled around with Snap Chat and Instagram, but it didn’t much catch fire for me. Maybe I need more practice with them, but it occurred to me today, what do I need to do AND is there an app for that? So I implemented my Google account and found this here writers app, downloaded it in the same painless way I did with the eBook I talked about’ and bingo I’m recording my thoughts and writing away! Not bad. We shall see how this writers app performs over time, and whether I can somehow preserve what I’m writing, or it might just go the way of my CrackBerry. Doesn’t matter. I’m having a blast expressing myself in this funky new format. It might be a motivation to work on my books!