21st birthday

Here you are.

This is your life.

There is no going back.

There is no way to run into yesterday. There are the moments before you. The seconds, the minutes. The hours, the days. Time that we somehow stumble into. Choice that somehow make themselves. Time we neglect and try to run from. this moment, is so very hard to be in. This moment, is where God can be found. It is only this moment. This moment of a million things happening in which you can not fathom . There is no where else. Oh how I wish it was different but that’s not true. This is where you are.

Please look around

What you’re searching for

I can assure you, you already possess

Many morning have you wondered

With no words to say

Getting up again

To fall out onto the floor

But might it be

That in the fall

You have seen what those standing can only dream about

so this is it, my friend

The start of your life. you have not been here before

You can trust this is exactly where you are suppose to be

you can trust, that when it comes to grace

there is always more