Unfortunately you don’t take this to its ultimate conclusion.
Martin Bond

Thanks, Martin. Everyone may be able to do the technical aspect of any job with perfection through the help of AI, but only humans will be able to do the aesthetic and human-taste aspect of any job. The person who really loves music or is passionate about art will be the one in that field who can make money. The person who doesn’t like art will fail miserably in an art job. Everyone will have to find their micro-niche, and then they can make money. Perhaps someone really cares about a certain fruit, and decides to make it look and taste a little better through genetic engineering. There are plenty of people who like the fruit, but no one else cares that much to change it. When the new fruit hits the market, everyone eats that one instead, and the creator profits from the seed sales. Just a random possible example, but the point remains: our infinite interests can create infinite opportunities.

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