>indeed cherry-picked to ignore all of the U. S. economists who assert that they do
C. Joseph Jordan

John, you might have missed this, but the economist didn’t say it would save the government 5 Trillion. It said it would save people. That’s not what was asked. Name the economist who showed that his proposals, exactly as they’re written will be paid for without exploding the debt? There isn’t one. They all point out that it will save money for the American people, which I think is a great argument for his plans (which most people on the left support), but it also means that at some point, that money has to shift toward the government in order to pay for these plans that save the American people so much money.

Where is Sanders’ explanation of how he is going to do that? And don’t say 5% growth, because while that doesn’t sound like much, even a cursory view of the history of our economy exposes that as a unicorn with a saddle made of minotaur skin.