Eric McKibben
Mar 8, 2016 · 1 min read

Hi Martina. Thanks for the comment!

All of the points that you raise are reasonable. In fact, I have posed several of those same questions to my friend. There is a great deal of research that suggests self-help and presenting an overly optimistic view of life can be counterproductive for some individuals. It can demoralize some people and have the opposite effect than was intended.

Still, I know that my friend would never intentionally set out to harm another individual. It is his truest desire that people grow. He simply wants to facilitate growth by providing a perspective that is backed by psychological research. The perspective he provides isn’t perfect because the research supporting that perspective isn’t perfect. Nevertheless, the principles he writes about do have merit for some people.

My friend desires to build a career as a writer. One avenue that will increase the likelihood that he will succeed financially as a writer is the subscriber-building path. He has a family that he needs to feed, clothe, shelter, and nurture. He has no desire to live an excessive lifestyle. He isn’t seeking fame for fame’s sake. He is simply working a system that he didn’t create.

Lastly, I think that my friend has shown more vulnerability recently. He is definitely a human being with very real insecurities and struggles. Life is hard! That said, he will always try to find an angle that will satisfy his positive and optimistic approach to life.

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