Sales Vs. Branding
Gary Vaynerchuk

A brand is the perception — or set of associations — of a company, product, service or, in this case, person.

You have a strong brand when a mass of people have the same winning perception about you.

To do this you need to:

  1. Know what your winning perception should be. You can’t build what you can’t see. This step is far too often overlooked.
  2. Know how to create that perception. Facts are not always or even often relevant. Being perceived as smart is not the same thing as being factually smart. Creating a perception is branding.
  3. You have to continuously act in accordance with the perception you created. If you don’t comport with the perception people have in their heads, they rid themselves of that perception. The world is far too cluttered and busy for us to hold on to useless, faulty perceptions. You have their mental attention; now keep it.

Sales is a process you lead others through. One transaction at a time.

A brand lives in another's’ mind. It’s your brand, but it’s their perception. If your winning perception is held in some else’s mind you damn sure are going to win more than the salesman does.

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