The One-Dayer
Ev Williams

We have a Bettering Day at the end of each month. It’s at least one day a month we have set aside time to improve. On what? Anything! Big projects. Little tasks we’ve been putting off. Office decorating. Interpersonal relationships. Personal growth. So long as you’re making something better and it’s not your normally scheduled work, it’s a Bettering Day fit.

Aside from the productivity aspect, not to mention getting those minor and oh-so-easy to put off tasks done, the scheduled day also has the effect of not distracting us mid-month with random ideas. Found I was getting bogged down with well-intentioned suggestions from employees. Didn’t want to invalidate them; yet few were actionable or high value. Giving employees a scheduled outlet for “bettering” has both reduced these extraneous requests and resulted in more being acted on by empowered employees.