Raw Milk Is Bad And Will Make You Literally Die
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

Reality check: Raw milk is not poison.

My wife and two children and I drank raw milk exclusively for 4–5 years, and would still be drinking it if not for sanctimonious social engineer types like you (and the powerful dairy lobby…hmmm, do you work for them or the FDA?) that think people should manage everything in their lives based on biased, superficial “scientific” studies. Please don’t tell me that my experience is a small sample size, I am aware of statistical principles and scientific method (which I still believe is a good method for reaching a certain type of conclusion).

Yes, it’s true that no one in my family ever got poisoned by unpasteurized milk. I don’t remember even getting a cold during that period, but I’m not so illogical as to attribute all that to the milk. However, what you wrote is pure propaganda. Way to take all the bad elements of religion and apply them to scientific rhetoric!

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