You Don’t Need a Reason to Do Anything
Paul Cantor

Yes. The worldview that seems to dominate tech culture in particular equates human beings with underutilized capacity, therefore the incessant barrage of “life hacking” and productivity tips and tools. And what is the end to all of those things, I ask? People pretend that it’s a better life, but it really all reduces down to money. The life hackers who claim they are pushing “experience over achievement” are generally selling and profiting off of that in some way. I guess because we worship success in the form of money and power, our culture and government most values and reflects the insane type-A personality traits that drive people to ruthlessly place profits before any other human need.

When Elon Musk dies, all his accomplishments will be nothing to him. Ah, but he left a legacy of sustainable transportation, space colonization, and the AMAZING tunnel network under L.A.! The thing is, we have no idea what long-lasting impact these project will have. The fact that Elon targets only the elite with his products (when will Mars travel be accessible to the 90%? who can pay for solar roof tiles that cost 10x more than a standard roof? how much do you think it will cost for a hyperloop ride between LA-SF?) should be a telling fact, but instead he is sanctified as a visionary. A visionary who has never made any money except that showered on him by investors. lulz

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