As coronavirus outbreaks continue to rise across the United States and the rest of the world, it can be challenging to know just how to give back during this time. Even with the stay-at-home orders in place, there are various ways you can help during the pandemic.

Find Ways to Connect & Volunteer Virtually

Even during a pandemic, there is a great need to maintain person-to-person communication and connection. Virtual volunteer opportunities such as making weekly phone calls to the elderly and homebound or joining an app to help the blind and visually impaired with everyday tasks are needed and…

You may not be able to think of two more different sports than figure skating and ice hockey. While both sports obviously take place on the ice, the demographics that enjoy them are typically different, and the participants may have even less in common. Hockey players are often thought of as large, muscular men who may be missing a tooth or two while figure skaters are considered more acrobatic. However, several things can translate from one of these sports to the other. Ice skating drills can make you a better hockey player, even if you had never considered it.


Experiencing success in real estate is all about finding a way to be ahead of the trends. The best of the best in the world of investing find a way to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to spending their money. If you want to start seeing a return on your investment, you’ll need to know the trends and find a way to get out in front of them. So what trends are on the horizon in the world of commercial real estate? …

There is reciprocity to the act of giving. Those who receive help, love, food, clothing, and other things are both fortunate and grateful. But, those who give also benefit in many ways. Among these are the following:

Acts of Charity Enrich a Person.

Whenever people donate to a charity — whether it be money, goods or their time — they help the organization continue its work while also improving their sense of self-worth as they realize that they are acting as responsible citizens of the world. Charity is also a means of donors’ expressing gratitude for what they have.


When disasters happen, people are often drawn together in hopes of helping the victims. Companies have massive resources at their disposal to provide disaster relief and support the communities where they are based on a smaller scale, as well. Corporate philanthropy is fast becoming a hallmark of the modern business.

What Is Corporate Philanthropy?

Corporate philanthropy is the practice of businesses and corporations giving where it’s needed. It involves giving money, but also utilizing other resources as necessary to foster and maintain well being in countries or communities in need.

The available resources vary by company. A computer or technology-based…

As a property developer, you will find that the size and robustness of your network is often the deciding factor for success. Exposure to potential clients and business partners is absolutely essential. It can be said that in many cases, a real estate developer’s lack of success may be directly tied to their failure to gain exposure and create a sustainable, long-term business network.

In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to gain exposure as a property developer and explain why these methods are indispensable to your success.

Establish and Promote Your Official Website

This should…

Volunteering your time to help a cause you care about can be an enriching experience. Before you get started, it’s important to determine just how much time you’ll consistently have to focus on your charitable efforts. Once you set aside specific blocks of time, you can focus on determining what organization you want to work with as a volunteer.

Choosing the Right Type of Opportunity

The first step is to decide what type of situation you want as a volunteer. If you’re a more sociable person, you may want to get involved in local organizations. This will provide you with…

Being a youth coach in any sport is a huge investment of time and resources. In all likelihood, you’re going to spend multiple evenings every week and probably sometime on weekends on the field or at the court depending on what sport you’re coaching. Thousands of children sign up every year to take part in youth sports, and none of that is possible without men and women who sacrificially volunteer and help those kids chase their dreams. If you’re on the fence about signing up to volunteer, here are some benefits you should keep in mind.

Passing Down a Love…

Ideally, if you’re looking to get into a career in real estate development, you’re already involved in the real estate industry, but it’s certainly not a requirement. Maybe you’re a Realtor looking to take on more responsibility and spend more time really working for yourself. Perhaps you’re a broker who simply wants to take the next step in your career. Or maybe you have no background in real estate, but you think that property development is a great way to invest your money and have a direct hand in getting a return. …

Commercial Real Estate, or CRE, is a sector of the real estate industry that focuses on properties that have the potential to generate profit. Firms like Perardi Development, focus on commercial projects like multi-tenant medical office buildings and state of the art sports complexes for local and traveling athletes. Like any form of business, learning an industry takes time. In commercial real estate, there’s a lot to learn and go through before you embark on developing your first commercial property. Here are a few basic things to know that can lead you to success in the industry:

Know Your Properties

Eric Perardi

Located in Austin, Texas, Eric Perardi is the Principal Owner of Perardi Development and a former Division 1 hockey player. Learn more @

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