The latest pop culture phenomenon, Squid Game, has seen massive success worldwide over the last couple weeks. For those who aren’t in the know, the show feels like like a mix between The Hunger Games and Saw. The show is about 456 debt-ridden players who join a survival contest in…

This image went semi-viral a while ago. If you google the answer (like most of us do) you might miss out on something very interesting.

What strikes me about this problem is that although this integral looks intimidating, you can actually solve it without doing a single integration! …

To panic, or not to panic, that is the question

In the wake of the Canadian — American border shutdown, I wondered:

Are these measures too extreme?

I’ve been following this disease since early January and witnessed society go from “it’s just the flu” to “buy every square of toilet paper you can find.”

The goal here is to explore…

Eric Pham-Hung

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