What Happens When A Russiagate Skeptic Debates A Professional Russiagater
Caitlin Johnstone

It is possible for Trump to be horrible as a person and as a President without being guilty of every single accusation. Pointing that out is not being a shill for Trump or a tool of Putin.

The worst part of this is that we’re ignoring the big problems we *know* to be true — things that will cheat us again in the upcoming elections — in order to bet everything on an inside straight. For one example, Scott Walker knocked 200k voters off the rolls in Wisconsin — 10x the number Clinton lost by. Yet there was literally 100x the coverage of how Jill Stein supposedly was the problem. Those 200k voters are still off the rolls, and are being ignored “because, Russia!”

Another example: Clinton’s team didn’t think they needed to campaign in Wisconsin, nor did they accept offers of assistance from Bernie’s ground team. That kind of hubris on their part, and Clinton’s tolerance of it, are signs we ignore at our own peril if we let the same people try it again. Yet we’re told everything on our side was perfect and would have squeaked out the victory, were it not for foreigners convincing rednecks in Limbaugh country to hate Hillary.

And now, Politico’s Bill Scher is claiming we should run “boring” Democrats in 2020. His reasoning? Center-right Dem Jones beat super-Nazi Roy Moore, therefore his center-right beliefs are good enough to win. Never mind that Moore is a pedophile and that Jones *barely* won. How is this related to Russiagate? The know-it-alls that lost us 1100+ seats to Rethuglicans are doubling down on a losing approach because they barely avoided losing to a Nazi pedophile, and they avoid introspection by yelling “but, Russia!” every single time they are challenged on the merits of their strategy.

Should a Putin connection be investigated? Certainly — Trump’s ties to Russian mob money are a big problem that Mueller should expose, but again we’re only hearing about “collusion” as the issue. If there is solid evidence, great, but I’m really tired of the daily “bombshell” click-bait articles that turn out to be nothing. Pointing that out is not being a tool of anyone.

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