CryptoCTF 2019 Writeup: Decode Me!

Eric Moreira
Aug 11 · 2 min read

Decode me!

D: mb xwhvxw mlnX 4X6AhPLAR4eupSRJ6FLt8AgE6JsLdBRxq57L8IeMyBRHp6IGsmgFIB5E :ztey xam lb lbaH
Habl bl max yetz: E5BIFgmsGI6pHRByMeI8L75qxRBdLsJ6EgA8tLF6JRSpue4RALPhA6X4 Xnlm wxvhwx bm :D
This is the flag: Q5NURntzSU6wTDNfYlU8X75xeDNkXzV6QnM8aXR6VDEwbl4DMXBoM6J4 Just decode it :P
This is the flag: Q0NURntzSU1wTDNfYlU3X20xeDNkXzV1QnM3aXR1VDEwbl9DMXBoM1J9 Just decode it :P

Eric Moreira

Written by

Computer engineering student focused mainly in cybersecurity. Passionate about storytelling, movies and how tech shapes our life.

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