Progress: The Next Steps and The Looming Threat of Conflict

Seoul, Korea, the Birthplace of My Mom

Today, I was able to confirm with our manufacturing partner that we want to move forward with the initial order of the Korean Personal Care product that we intend to sell using our proprietary Smalltell technology. It’s going to take a little over a month to receive the goods, so, during the month of July, the team and I are going to use our social commerce platform to configure a site that will offer this one product in-focus. If this works, or, should I say “when it works,” we will have successfully generated a profit from the product sales, while creating a case study on how any entrepreneur can use our system to sell online.

There is, however, one major thing that’s concerning me and it’s something beyond my control. I’m all too aware of the geopolitical stage and the powers at play:

South Korea and the United States flex their might as they demonstrate the THAAD missile defense system for North Korea crazy man

Right now, the U.S., South Korea and that little bastard leader from North Korea are playing war games in a conflict that has been stewing for decades, where tensions are so high and deep-rooted that a spark could ignite the fire. Even my own family has been affected by this, directly, in a major way, and I still have family in the line of fire right now.

When my Korean grandfather (on my mom’s side) was a child, he lived in what is now North Korea, but this was a time when there was no divide. It was a united country. A unified Korean peninsula. My grandfather and his family were considered nobles in the area they lived, owning land as far as the eye can see. To my understanding, when things went sour (against my family’s will), machine gun-wielding soldiers came to their village and forced people to leave, causing my family to flee to what is now South Korea where my mother was eventually born. This story plays in my mind as I consider that, had this North vs. South divide not occurred, I may not have been born. My mom may never have come to Southern, CA when she was 15, where she later met my dad while attending college at Long Beach State.

Jumping back to today, my concern for this escalating conflict doesn’t only stem from the obvious reasons of wanting to avoid war at all costs, but, for a more selfish reason of not wanting to interrupt the production and export of the goods that I seek to import and sell online using Smalltell. If war breaks out, my investment and plan will surely be affected, but this will be the least of my worries, as there will be millions of lives at risk.

What an odd world.

Sometimes I think to myself “anything is possible,” but then I realize exactly that, and how fragile things can be. As “in control” I am of my own destiny, in the same brainwave, I realize just how out of control things can get from external factors that can certainly derail my certainties.

Either way, what a plan. Let’s roll the dice. Let’s take the risk. Let’s see what happens.