Dear America,

You call yourself a “democracy”, eh?

For 36 years you have been under near total control of 2 families. 20 under the Bush father and son team and 16 under the Clinton husband and wife team. ‘80-’88 Bush Sr as VP. ‘88-’92 Bush Sr as President. ‘92-’00 Mr. Clinton as President. ‘00-’08 Bush Jr as President. ‘08- Present Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State and Presidential Candidate.

You’re on track for another 8 years of control from Mrs. Clinton. Sadly, that seems to be the better of your painfully limited options.

This doesn’t seem like democracy to me. It seems much more like a neo-monarchy or a shared dictatorship. I can’t think of any other free country where 2 families have so obviously passed the reigns of leadership to one another for 2 generations under the illusion of freedom all readily accepted by a blinded electorate.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re left or right. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican. It doesn’t matter whether you watch Fox News or CNN. You’re being played. Extremists like Bernie and Donald aren’t the answer. They’re just part of the game. Their extremism is intentional and their purpose is to make you believe that the controlling families are your best option.

It’s time to take back your country. Not with guns. Not through hatred. Take it back through your minds and your hearts. Be kind to each other. Stop knocking each other down. Build each other up. Look for character and intelligence in your leaders. Choose progress over regression. Admit your faults so that you can finally deal with them. Focus on your many strengths so that you can maximize them.

Good luck, America. I wish you the best.

With love and respect,

Your friendly neighbour from the north.

Eric P