Birthday thoughts

My 25th year of living will be remembered as the one when the plan all started coming together.

As I was getting ready for a bike ride today, I was faced with the choice of picking a song to start off the ride. Nothing felt more appropriate today than “Blessings” (both tracks) by Chance the Rapper.

A lot has happened since October 9th of last year. Most of it for the better, some for the worse. Now that I step back and take a look at how it’s all gone down, I can’t help but feel blessed. This is probably because I’m a chronic optimist, but that’s a discussion for another time.

I’ve got a family who loves me and I’m lucky enough to get to see on a pretty regular basis. I have an apartment I love in a part of town that’s good for my social life. In the past year I earned a job at a company full of wonderful people who have no qualms telling myself and everyone else that they’ve done a good job. I’ve got more friends that I can name in this post (and that’s not a brag, that’s written with utter disbelief); some new, some old, all of which are appreciated more than I usually express to them. I’m riding my bike more these days and making it a regular thing in hopes to get my health where I want it. Outside of paid work, I’ve got an organization that I care a lot about and that allows me to have real impact on this city (and I get to look stylish in the process).

Things are good (but not the Colts).

26 will be a big year for me. I’m going to have to start paying my own health insurance like an actual adult. That will be I fully intend on making a name for myself at my company and cementing my position there as we continue to grow. I was employee 17 back in January and we’re now up over 50 people. Holy moly.

I want to sing out loud more (but don’t push me to do it, that’s a good way to clam up). I want to travel more over the next year. I want to spend more time on beaches in the sun and see if I can actually tan or if I’m forever doomed to sunburn. I want to go camping more often. I want to get into much better shape. I want to find someone that I care deeply about, who I can share this next year with, and many years to come. I want to win my fantasy football league. I want to drink less coke. I want to learn how to cook more tasty things.

I also want my next tattoo to be some Chance the Rapper lyrics. “Don’t believe in kings, believe in the kingdom.” I’m thinking across my shoulders, half on one side and half on the other. The guy that I had my first tattoo from was correct. After your first one, you immediately start thinking about what you’ll get next.

“It seems like blessings keep fallin’ in my lap.” Some more Chance lyrics, but pretty descriptive of how I feel today. Thanks for being there for this ride.