Day 12 //

Hey, look. The last time I published anything on here was 4/20. Pretty dank man. I’ve been sitting on this writing prompt since that day, just now finally getting around to it.

Most of all, I want my future significant other to be independent. I don’t see that as a negative, because even the most independent people need someone when life gets hard.

I want our relationship to be built on a level of trust and understanding that make people jealous.

I’m searching for the person that needs exactly what I can provide, and can provide exactly what I need. She will be strong on her own, but have no problem opening up to me (and me to her) when we are in each other’s company.

I want us to have respect for each other. Respect for each other’s dreams, past, and future.

I want someone who challenges me, and lets me challenge here, but sometimes understands that for every crazy night out on the town, I do enjoy sitting and doing absolutely nothing.

She needs to be kind, caring, and funny. Lord knows I can’t singlehandedly carry a conversation for that long, so she needs to be able to fill in the gaps when needed. Which brings me to another point, there shouldn’t be any awkward silences. So much can be said in a silence between two people. I’d like for us to be fluent in that language.

I’d like her to be driven to accomplish her goals. I’ve never been able to sit and cheer on a partner in something that they really lose themselves in. I really want to know how it feels to watch someone you care about get excited about something.

Please understand that I am a giant dork. Goof. Something of that sort. However, she’ll need to know that this isn’t naivety. I’ve been treated poorly at lots of turns in my life.

Be open. Be straightforward.

Redheads would be nice.

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