Day 4 //

Today is the start of my official writing career.

Super official and totally professional writer that sometimes forgets how to spell “career” without spellcheck.

I bought a writing app yesterday with what remained after months bills decimated my paycheck. Ulysses looks amazing and has many features that I’m 110% sure I will get around to using whenever I become a big well-known writer around Indianapolis (and soon the world), but for right now I’m using it for my daily writing blog and that’s just fine with me.

We all gotta start somewhere. My starting point just happens to be this disgustingly 70s sectional as I sit here in my boxers. I’m sure that will make for a good story someday.

But I guess it sounds like once I have an “official” writing application, that automatically makes someone a writer. I still don’t believe that I have earned this title in any way, but people keep telling me I am. “Writer” is in my job title, and it’s what I enjoy doing for work and outside of work with Pattern, so they might be on to something.

Starting with Ulysses is more of a way to formalize this entire process. Keep track of all my “incredible writing ideas that come to me in moments of brilliance that just scream to be saved for all of eternity on the medium of physical paper.” I hope you could sense the sarcasm in that.

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