Focus on benchmarking, not success

As of late, I’ve been looking for ways of how to improve my communication and social presence. I’ve been observing, analyzing launches and dialogues, while comparing and contrasting my line to what others are doing or did. Indeed, there’s a lot of work to be done and I acknowledge that completely. Some of it is necessary and some has been a grace not to fall in like others that I have noticed. As an indie author step by step, I intend to build an empire for readers who love being true, outspoken and straight forward. For us, the goal is clear. Put out books that will change the peoples’ way of thinking and bring them back to what is real and practical. In the 80s or even the 90s, this would have been so easy to accomplish because it was the vibe that most people felt back then. The millennial generation tend to be harder to convince. Social media is more important to most of them than validity. Unfortunately, many of us, older entrepreneurs have hasten to their demands and have settled for less by putting out stuff to just gain a buck or two. Their claim is that we want to take advantage of the trend now, so let’s do it.

That’s all good, however have you considered benchmarking? The factor that determines what makes you different from the others is a long study within itself. Some of my closest associates and patrons have been coaching me since I’ve started; however the best coach actually is experience. Our errors and mishaps (known or unknown) in the beginning weren’t fatal enough to drive the me from the game primarily because I keep refining my niche while staying true. We want to be the Steve Jobs, the Dr. Dre, the Rakim, the Bill Gates, the Mike Tyson of what we do. I’d rather sit on my product, benchmark it, take losses in the beginning and learn what is going right and wrong before I drop a book that will have the people regretting on buying it.

Don’t hasten your success. Benchmark even if they fly right pass you. The race isn’t over until the finish line.