Bay Area Authors Unite for Fire Relief


I’m traveling away from San Francisco for the next several weeks to promote my new book, but the devastating fires that continue to savage Santa Rosa and Wine Country just north of my home are constantly on my mind. Thousands have lost their homes and their livelihoods, and the effects are felt as far as 60 miles away. It is a constant reminder as even kids near where I live in San Francisco can’t go outside because of poor air quality.

I wanted to do something, and I was inspired by the Bay Area professional sports teams’ #BayAreaUnite campaign. So I asked some of the other Bay Area authors I know to see if they’d be willing to join me to raise some money for fire relief, especially since many of us are on book tour or about to be. Together, we are raising money for two worthy organizations, both of which are supporting the mid to long-term needs of those impacted by these devastating fires:

  • Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund
  • Community Foundation Sonoma County’s Resilience Fund

So far, Kent Beck, Steve Blank, Jason Calacanis, Tim Ferriss, Chip Heath, Laura Klein, Sarah Lacy, Adam Lashinsky, Geoffrey Moore, Ellen Pao, Eliot Peper, Tina Seelig, Robert Sutton, and Chris Yeh have all agreed to join the campaign. Bay Area authors are united in support of our neighbors and friends.

We hope you’ll stand up and help us, too. Here’s how you can help:

  • You can give directly to Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund via the Bay Area Authors Unite for Fire Relief’s Facebook donation page, and we will match your donation.
  • We will also donate $1 for every retweet of this of this post on Twitter. We will be giving to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund.

(We have commitments to match up to $10,000 in donations, total.)

Please give what you can. This will be a long road back to recovery.

(If you are an author who wants to join the campaign, please get in touch)

Kent Beck
Steve Blank
Jason Calacanis
Tim Ferriss
Chip Heath
Laura Klein
Sarah Lacy
Adam Lashinsky
Geoffrey Moore
Ellen Pao
Eliot Peper
Eric Ries
Tina Seelig
Robert Sutton
Chris Yeh