Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The Tale of A Progressive Professor Who Forgot To Hide Her…
Kayla Renee Parker

It’s strange the only source you mentioned was your professor’s source that you criticize. You claim to have all these sources that back up your claims but don’t mention a single one in a way that anybody could check it themselves. Your criticism of Gutman is pathetic and lazy. All you said was “He’s white.” You have dismissed a past scholar’s work based entirely on the colour of his skin. Your assumption he must have totally been racist because he’s white is entirely racist.

Sociology is most effectively done by people who do NOT belong directly to the group being studied. That’s why social outcasts of various stripes are so often drawn to sociology. They are the ones who are outside looking in. If you agree with that then it would stand to reason that black sociologists studying black culture would be the least qualified to do it for the same reasons the average person who fits in is the least qualified to examine the majority culture.

I don’t know what REALLY happened with your professor because I only have your side of the story and both sides are necessary to find the truth. What I do know is that your side of story, presented above, is heavily biased, lacks any admission or acknowledgement of mistakes you may have made of which there are certainly a few since it takes two to tango. Most importantly there are numerous instances of missing information, like your supposed better sources, or the frequent use of quotation marks suggesting an astonishing memory for conversation and yet you can only vaguely outline what you said in those same conversations to illicit such hostile responses from your professor.

This ‘article’ reads as a woe-is-me sob story and not as an accurate accounting of events. You have made no attempt to detail a sequence of events which can followed in a comprehensible fashion unless I assume you are a wonderful person (who live streamed in class without consent from everyone in the room, which is against the code of conduct at my University at least) and your professor is just a horrible person who acts irrationally because you’re skin is totally the wrong colour and you definitely didn’t do anything to antagonize her because you are a saint who is calm, rational, logical, and definitely 100% right.