Why The 2016 Election Is Rigged (…or why you are a Hillary Hypocrite)

I’ve got to stand for you, my Hillary Clinton advocates and friends, because what I’m seeing from so many is righteous anger. Yes. It’s okay… gasp; catch your breath.

How do you sleep at night on your hearty laurels of inclusion, oneness, “spirituality,” “religion,” ending hate, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, islamophobia: all the programmed fears of our other human brothers and sisters — who are JUST LIKE you and me, save for their country of birth and the consequent color of their skin — when during the day you bully and bash people up and down your facebook timeline on any pro-Trump story (complete with comments from his supporters, which can be equally disgusting) that comes into your view?

I’m astonished. You are wise. You are studied. You are passionate. You have such valid, deep care and concern. But I NEVER thought some of you to be so disconnected from these concerns and the notion to include ALL (yes, those “deplorables” too) that your passion has occluded your ability to witness your own hypocrisy. Some of my Democratic friends: you are equal to Trump. Why the name calling? Do we not “go higher?” Or is it more like: “Im about to go higher, but first let me attempt to smash someone out who doesn’t agree with me…”

Have you noticed what you’re up to? Have you noticed how badly your fingers ACHE to “put this person/[expletive of choice] in [their] place?” Have you wondered whether or not this ridiculous “government” of ours has you EXACTLY where they want you? Confused, reactive, literally HATING another side that exists ONLY because we are more interested in being CORRECT than we are in BEING OPEN to LISTEN.

I’ve been saying this for a long time: there is a spiritual riptide boiling under the surface of this election season and so many are visibly choking.

Be “better than” by YOUR OWN example. Every single friend of yours on facebook sees what you write in the comments section to Trump supporters in your defense of Hillary Clinton. You preach in the defense of choice itself, and slander those whose choice isn’t parallel to yours.

I’ve seen it. I don’t know what to make of it, but I know it’s hard for me to love already — as it is. Myself included: we’ve got to love harder. All of us. That guy too. And her.

Because when we do — and we stop believing in the corporate, local and federal performances we are seeing every day — what are we left with? Love. No sides. No more of this heinous time in history.

We can transcend ALL OF THIS. WE have that power when we SHAMELESSLY & BOLDLY LOVE OUR ENEMIES BECAUSE WE ACTUALLY WANT TO GET ON WITH IT. Or do we want to be CORRECT, so we have further bragging & smearing rights about our favored Presidential Candidate when he or she takes that office?

I’m not promoting either side here, but please: don’t vote with your anger or righteousness or “correctness;” you’re only adding to a fire that is burning its final embers at best.

Time for a software update, my friends. We are an advanced people still referring to a tattered document written for a bygone era. It should NEVER be the same as it was in 1789. Idealistic only if that was a time of human equality (it wasn’t — rife with slavery and indentured servitude for over 100 years BEFORE The American Constitution came to pass, among other primitive ideals); realistic today? No. Let’s grow. The government of the United States exists to serve its citizens; when did you last truly feel taken care of SOLEY for your best interests?