The day I learned how to let go, to find happiness !

We are all programmed to live life on the run — then one day you learn to go within. You become aware.

Eric Jude
5 min readJul 31, 2020

Yes. Breathe slowly and go deep within you.

Inhale. Observe as you exhale. Did you feel a sensation?

The teachers’ voice resonated in the meditation hall.

It was my 8th day — 56th hour in my first experience of immersive meditation. As I sat there taking a deep breath and then observing the flow of oxygen, my mind wandered a bit, but I was able to refocus. I exhaled slowly and scanned my body to see if I was aware of any new sensation.

They say as you enter the 8th, 9th, and then finally the 10th day of Vipassana your awareness increases to a level that you begin to feel sensations all over your body. For me, this was the first time I experienced and learned something completely new.

I had spent my time in silence during these 10 days to find my true self. Natural. Pure and Exhilarating.

We can all experience the art of letting go and find happiness. It’s within us!

Yet 95% of us ignore it. We are so caught up in making the next million, finding the next job, the next big idea to be an entrepreneur. Or trying to make ends meet by surrendering to the cyclic routine of jealousy, greed, anger — all that is not needed in our lives.

We only need to go inside, within us, be aware, realize how everything around us is impermanent, practice the art of forgiving and letting go.

Suddenly you see the singularity.

There is no good or bad. Just peace.

No black or white. But shades of gray.

If you learn the art of letting go, going inside out, eradicating all the things that we humans have created to please our id (ego). Then you find peace, not from the outside, but from within yourself.

You find the positive energy that everyone talks about. You create an energy around you that makes you wanted. Loved. Appreciated. Acknowledged.

As humans, we are all bound to err. To succumb to pleasures, desires, and wants. But once you learn the art of letting go — you will see how easy it is to gain self-control, spread love, and create harmony.

This experience can be illustrated by the way monks destroy their mandalas. If you watch the Ron Fricke documentary Samsara, it begins with monks creating a piece of art that is done meticulously with grains of colored sand, it takes entire days to complete.

And at the end of the movie, they revere the creation for just a moment and then dust away the entire piece of work they took hours and days to create. They lose their attachment to it. With it they let go of their ego. They learn the importance of impermanence.

“Nothing is permanent. Life is about balance and self-knowledge” This is the underlying message-that so many fail to notice.

You need to let go. Don’t be attached to anything. If it’s yours it will be there for you to nurture it, care for it and let it grow. Once you get to this state of letting go, you will suddenly feel invincible. Fearless. Positive and unhinged in every situation of life. The universe begins to take care of you.

As a growth mentor, I have been on a mission to reach out to as many people I can who need help. To find themselves. To create the right energy. And in turn, I believe they will radiate this to influence many others around them.

And as a business mentor, I evaluate what’s best for every individual or group of individuals. What will they do or create that will bring out the best in them. I want to teach them to create businesses that can grow into corporates with the art of letting go.

With no emotional attachment since nothing in this world is yours. This is true for all the people in the history books, like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and many others remembered for taking nothing from this universe. They died leaving a legacy, not wealth and material possessions.

Let’s build businesses like the monks do their art and remember that nothing is permanent. Empires have fallen and so have many businesses. Create it with love for others, for this universe and you stand apart. Even if there are hiccups along the way, your positive energy and pure conscience will eventually get you there. Without fail!

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Business of Value

The world is changing around us every day. We need the human race to value each other’s efforts. Build a business that can benefit millions or even a few thousands. Use technology for the good and not to replace humans.

From Vision to Mission

Have clarity in everything you build. Know what are the end goals of the business you want to own. How can it bring about harmony, peace, and nurture growth? Without radicalization or discrimination, but with humanity and social progress in mind.

Create Harmony

All successful businesses these days have a few things in common. Make money, grow big and dominate the world. Think about the universe and build eco-friendly businesses. That respects this universe so we can all live in harmony.

Your business should be intrinsically attached to you, like an extension of yourself. It should express your values and visions, without any attachments that can bring about misery or harm. Learn to understand impermanence — anicca (pronounced anichya) !

If you believe in the practice of letting go, please share your views and tell us your story of letting go to find what you always wanted.



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