The day I learned how to let go, to find happiness !

We are all programmed to live life on the run — then one day you learn to go within. You become aware.

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Business of Value

The world is changing around us every day. We need the human race to value each other’s efforts. Build a business that can benefit millions or even a few thousands. Use technology for the good and not to replace humans.

From Vision to Mission

Have clarity in everything you build. Know what are the end goals of the business you want to own. How can it bring about harmony, peace, and nurture growth? Without radicalization or discrimination, but with humanity and social progress in mind.

Create Harmony

All successful businesses these days have a few things in common. Make money, grow big and dominate the world. Think about the universe and build eco-friendly businesses. That respects this universe so we can all live in harmony.



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Eric Jude

I use 28 years of experience as Founder & Director to help the startup community and wanna be entrepreneurs | 1:1 Business & Growth Mentor |