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10 Random Acts Of Kindness To Do On Blue Monday

Today is known as Blue Monday. It’s the longest day in winter making it the darkest, gloomiest day of the year. As a result many people experience depression and sadness in larger amounts than usual. However I’d like to help soften that blow today by suggesting 10 acts of kindness we can do today to make this day more bearable.

Today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the entire year. Regardless of the name, I am aware that Mondays are particularly depressing for people. Out of every day in the week, Mondays are the most common days for suicides.

It’s going back to work at a place you don’t like, dealing with people you don’t care for and slaving away for a company you aren’t even invested in.

It’s depressing. I get it.

But today I’d like to be a ray of hope and spread some positivity around. After all here at “Eric S Burdon Inc.” I love my work, the people, and where my business (myself) is going.

I figured the best way to do that and to get others involved is to share 10 random acts that you can do today to brighten the mood.

I also encourage you all to practice these on other days as well.

Hug Your Mother (Or Someone Really Special)

I don’t say this often enough but mothers are pretty awesome.

As much as I bicker with my mother, I love her dearly and I’m glad she’s still around. So give your mother a hug and say that you appreciate her.

If your mother has passed away, I’m sorry to hear that and sorry for bringing it up. Another alternative is giving a hug to anyone that you hold dearly in your heart. A hug will help lift spirits and make you feel loved.

Say “I love you,” for further effectiveness.

Compliment Every Person You Meet (Or Most)

Blue Monday can drag out the worst in people, but giving a compliment or several can be significant. Just saying “Hey you’re awesome,” is effective.

By the way, you are super awesome for reading this! I appreciate it! Maybe pass this along to others to let them know they’re awesome too!

Either way compliments are known to help lift morale for people, and if it’s genuine I think people will warm up to you more. So compliment people often.

Perform One Act Of Kindness For Someone

Even though everything on this list is an act of kindness, do try to go out of your way today and do something nice for someone else. Better yet do something nice for a complete stranger.

It could form a valuable connection or at the very least boost your emotions and others. When you feel good about yourself you feel compelled to do good for others around you.

Share Motivational Quotes

I do this all the time, but I encourage others to share motivational quotes as well. Whether in the comment section of this post or on social media, share something motivational with someone.

As an added bonus, send a motivational quote in the form of a text to someone. We all have days where we struggle to get out of bed and sending a quote might be the boost the person needs to get up.

Say Yes To Things More Often And Believe In It

Many people hesitate and think “maybe I COULD do this.” Thinking this way adds a lot of doubt in peoples minds. It’s the main reason why today in particular a lot of people give up on their new years resolution. They think they could continue doing it.

Instead start saying yes to yourself and believing that you can do it. Start by changing every instance of could to WILL. “I WILL do this.”

Sounds more uplifting and spurs you on to do it. Pass that information along.

Treat Yourself To Something Nice

Today especially, after all it’s Blue Monday. Don’t use this as a reason to break your new years resolution or go overboard, but do take some time to reward yourself. Do something small for yourself or even tell yourself “Good job” and give yourself a pat on the back.

Doing this sort of stuff is powerful as not everyone notices the small changes in your life. No matter what though when you have no one noticing, you are always watching yourself. So treat yourself a little.

Spend Less Time On Your Phone Or Tech

I understand if you need it for work. But even with that, take a little bit of time to shut down and disconnect a bit earlier. As much as technology is fantastic and helpful to us all, it’s also a source of depression and stress.

Take today to disconnect early and spend time with those in your life, be it your kids, parents, spouse, partner, whoever. Use today as an opportunity to do something with those you care most in your life.

Sending Gifts

I said above to treat yourself, well now it’s time to treat other people. Whether you want it to be a secret or public, go out of your way to give a gift or gifts to particular people who helped you grow.

Gifts are powerful and it goes to show that you care about the person and value them in your life. Plus it’d be like Christmas all over again, it’s exciting and normally a positive feeling.

Smile A Lot

Whenever you are down, a lot of times you can lift yourself up with a smile. Whenever you smile your brain is creating feel good chemicals for you to experience. Not only that but it also affects the people around you as well.

Smile to a lot of people today and spread those positive vibes around. It’s contagious!

Pass Down Your Wisdom

Take some time today to instruct or to help a beginner at their craft if you are skilled in particular areas. Whether it’s writing an article for all to see or focusing on the people in your life, pass down your wisdom.

As people, we have grown and learned tremendous things from the past knowledge of others. They had to pass that knowledge down in books and documents so don’t be afraid to pass down your own view of something. Share that knowledge because no one can never quite explain things the way that you can.

Acts Of Kindness

Our mood hinges on the perception of the day and our own thoughts. By doing these acts of kindness every day you can see the day in a more positive light. Even doing a few of these is enough to change our demeanour.

It’s for this reason that Blue Monday has never bothered me. I am always smiling, helping people the best I can. I want to see others succeed and feel awesome because I know we all are awesome people.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon