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7 Methods To Living A Positive Life

To think positively one must have a positive life.

Yesterday I asked a simple question: do you think positively or negatively? Whether you are optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic, I believe it’s important for us to live a positive life. This is one of the reasons why I choose to write and share my experiences.

I see things in my life from a realistic stand-point, which — in most times — is seeing things in a positive light. It’s safe to say that I see my life as a positive life because I choose to think positively.

I have several methods to doing that. From changing my realistic thinking into thinking positively. Today I’d like to share 10 of those methods so that you too can practice.

Meaning Of A Positive Life

First let me explain my whole meaning of a positive life as people may think that my life has nothing but good things happening to me. Don’t mistake that.

A positive life isn’t a life where good things happen to you all the time. A positive life is living the life that you want to be living. Or in some other peoples situations, they are striving to living the life that they want to live.

Yes, I will agree, that many positive things will happen to you on this route, however you do have to accept the risk along with it. You need to take that leap and move forward with your belief.

With that in mind, let’s get into the seven methods.

Seeing Mistakes As Ways To Grow

The core aspect of living a positive life is to see mistakes as ways to grow yourself. Even though I will say positive things happen to me all the time, not everyone else will see that. People will say have I failed or have I made mistakes? Absolutely.

My point is: when I fail or make mistakes, those are good things to me too. Or at least I see them as good things. I’d actually be concerned if I didn’t fail or make mistakes.

In the end, we are all humans, and failure is part of our process. However to live a positive life, we have to see these as not obstacles but branching paths. Paths that will eventually lead us towards the positive life we want to lead.

Practicing Gratitude

Another method to having a positive life is seeing the goodness in life. I’m not saying be ignorant and only see the good in things. However by practicing gratitude you are more fixated on what you do have as opposed to what you don’t.

Letting Go Of Status

Along with practicing gratitude I’ve also started to let go of status. As I’ve said before in the past, so many of us are fixated on having cars or large houses as a means to improve our status. The better the house or car the better. But people aren’t really satisfied with that aren’t they?

I can say with confidence that people believe in me. Just the other day I was telling my friend that some of the content I’ve been writing and realizing is along the same vein as some of the top brain scientists in the world. I’m not saying that to brag.

My point is that I — a writer of two years who works in his parents basement — am pretty much on the same thought train as people with doctorates and Ph.D.’s and are successful millionaires.

In the end status isn’t incredibly important. Indeed it can help with branding and giving us authority, however in the end me and you and everyone else are all people.

Consuming The Right Content

What we consume on a regular basis shapes us into who we are today. The whole saying “You are what you eat” is true.

Though in this case it’s more like “You are what you see.”

My point is if you are exposing yourself to content that you don’t like or isn’t helping you, then it’s only going to drag you farther down. I know for some people they don’t like my content. I recall in the past getting some hateful comments by someone who was consistently watching my videos.

It made no sense that this individual was voluntarily watching something they didn’t like. My advice is simple: if you are reading or watching something that clearly makes you angry, stop and go somewhere else.

Aiming To Be Helpful

Another method is to strive to be helpful and provide constructive advice. I enjoy helping others and if my words can help at least one person, that’s what matters to me. Regardless of the situation, I believe this is the only time where I feel it’s appropriate to consume content you don’t agree with.

Like I said above, watching something that angers you is going to affect your mood a lot. However, in some cases those reasons could be that the person has an opposing view. In that case I feel it’s important to add to it, to provide guidance. Not necessarily to convince a person to join your side, however if there is some inconsistencies then it’s good to point those out.

I point back to the 2016 US election and say that not every person who voted Republican is a racist bigot. Suggesting that everyone was in any kind of work I believe is wrong.

My whole point is when you are aiming to help others or to provide clarity then you are a lot better off to living a positive life.

Offering Compliments

Always have something nice to say to someone else.

This is something that I live by and in general it helps you to be a more approachable individual. When I first read about this it was through Dale Carnegie’s book “How To Win Friends and Influence People.”

In the book it talks about compliments and how you can persuade someone into doing something. It’s suggested you open things up with a compliment, before getting to the heart of the matter.

But also this compliment shouldn’t be flattery. It needs to be a genuine compliment.

Not only can this be used as a means of influencing people (in a non-manipulative manner), it’s also part of living a positive life.

Again if people see you as a generally nice person you are able to build bonds with people. Like I’ve said before these relationships can be leveraged from both sides and further enrich your life in a variety of ways.

Meditating Regularly

The last method I want to share with you is something very simple but can be overlooked by many: meditating. I meditate on a daily basis for 10–15 minutes in the hopes of further understanding myself.

Not only that but there are a variety of health and mental benefits as well. But overall I allow myself to completely disconnect from the world around me. As we all know the world around us can be stressful.

As much as I enjoy being around people and spreading positivity, it’s important to have this disconnection. At least for a little bit. When you have that disconnection you allow yourself to refocus and to understand yourself.

Understanding yourself is important as that can allow you to connect with other people. Furthermore you’re able to understand them on a deeper level than before which does have benefits.

A Positive Life

A positive life can be achieved through a variety of methods outside of just the ones I suggested. For me, living positively is practicing a combination of these habits.

A positive life is a shift in perspective, how you view life and I’m happy to continue growing as I continue to practice these things in my life.

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