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How To Make The Grind Worth It

The Daily Grind #57

Lately I’ve been having an itch for people to start engaging with my content more. Well, I guess that’s the situation for a lot of us content creators. But I’ve been especially hankering for it.

If you’ve been reading my work for a while, it may have dawned on you that my content doesn’t get much engagement at all. I get very few comments, shares, and general conversions.

So it comes as no surprise whenever someone comments on a post or responds to me, I am deeply humbled by it.

But the grind isn’t worth all of it just to get some comments. Hell, the grind isn’t all about getting the conversions. At least for me.

No. What make the grind all that worth it to me is the messages that are in those comments. From the ones that approve, and the ones that don’t approve.

How To Make It Worth It

Why is it that you hustle? What are you trying to achieve by hustling?

I know a lot of people will automatically think about their business and why they started the company they’re running. But the question is meant to be digging deeper that.

I’m not talking about what compels you to run your company. I’m asking what makes you want to do the work in general that your company demands in order to thrive.

How you can make the grind worth it is simple. It’s finding that fulfilment in the work itself.

Rather than the base fact of getting closer to your company’s vision, the work itself needs to be fulfilling. After all if you don’t care for the work you’ll feel disengaged and not invested in the growth.

To connect to your work is a matter of asking those questions. What exactly are you trying to achieve in the day to day operations?

A quality lead?

A conversion?

A conversation?

A smile on someone’s face?

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to know the reason and why that it. It’s why I’m craving engagement so much lately.

Not only does it further my brand — which I want — but it’s also a reminder that I’m fulfilling my role.

If someone doesn’t approve of my work, it means I got someone to think. That’s a good thing, even if we disagree. As a writer, I feel it’s our duty to get people to think and hold onto those values.

If someone approves then it means that my work has prompted them to respond. Again, I got an emotion from them which is what I want.

It’s why getting a positive response from my apology message when I forgot to send my ebook to 27 people is so warming. Even though I fucked up (due to my own obliviousness and neglect that emails were being collected on two separate platforms) it’s still warming that some people are handling it so well.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Perhaps I’ve been too harsh on myself with such a small issue. But as a person who values the people that I want to help grow, it makes sense for me to react this way.

For you, you may have handled the situation differently and put together a different message. That’s okay. But it’s important to know why.

Because how you respond to all of that can shed light on what you value from day to day. From there, it’s a matter of working up to that point where you are satisfied.

And if you don’t get what you are striving for for several days or weeks, keep working at it. Be patient with yourself. Because when you get that, it makes all the blood, sweat, and tears all the more worth it.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

It’s been a while since I’ve shed some light on what’s been happening in my life. Lately I’ve been focusing on work which isn’t all that surprising.

But I feel I’m getting to a point where most of my day has been work and very little time off. Still, I want to be pushing myself and I am putting plans together to be stepping up my game (i.e. money earning potential).

Putting related articles at the end of these posts are but some of these tactics. Some of them are member-only posts, but if you find something you’d be interested in reading and you’re a non-member, feel free to tweet at me or send me an email and I’d be happy to send a friend link.

As for more changes, they’ll be coming soon. Some are more behind the scenes stuff, but I’ll be sure to share the details.

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