Hustling: 3 Ways To Understand You

Eric S Burdon
May 7, 2018 · 4 min read

There are many ways for us to understand more about ourselves. From learning through who we spend time with all the way down to what I want to talk about today: hustling.

It may be a bit odd since a lot of people are accustomed to day jobs. But it’s through these day jobs, and especially in side-hustles or full fledged businesses that we operate where we can learn deeply about ourselves.

Below are a few things that we can learn about ourselves that are crucial to learning and growing ourselves.

Work Ethics And Problem Solving Skills

In a lot of cases you can pick this up from working for someone else, however over time you may lose particular work ethics and reasons to solve problems.

For every person we work for people for various reasons. Some reasons can be negatively impacting our lives, and some can help us grow.

But it’s these particular reasons that affect our moral compass and how we solve issues. Regardless of the reason being good or bad, that holds a bias in how we solve issues. Some people may do whatever it takes to stay in the job that they have, even if they hate it.

When you are hustling on your own though, things shift. There is a lot of freedom on your end as no one is breathing down your neck. At the same time, in order to get any work done you have to have your reasons to pursue something.

When you don’t have your reasons you’ll end up like I did for two years: not amounting to anything of significance.

Furthermore, when you have problems, you will need to solve them yourself. You can’t simply pass your problems or morals off to something or someone else.

This can help you in understanding yourself so you can better approach problems and understand what you value.

From Morals To Goals

Work ethics is much the same as what we value in our work. That being said, when we understand our morals, desires, and how we handle problems, our goals can fall into place.

From the desire to pursue, hustling, we learn what we truly want to achieve.

A lot of people initially put down working for themselves for fame and glory. They want to stick it to their old boss and show how successful they can be.

But success is entirely subjective. Our goals and desires are entirely subjective to society.

Yes, you will get followers and people who believe in you. But that alone doesn’t make your goals their problem or significant to them. They are YOUR goals.

They are entirely your responsibility and you should be the only one to deeply care about them.

It’s through our goals and desires that work with our morals and problem solving skills. It’s for this reason why a lot of strong and quality leaders don’t see problems so black and white or a straight problem.

They realize there are twists and turns and understand that there are many possible and effective routes to take that solve problems. The thing is though they pick the most appropriate one that ensures they get what they want in the end.

You can only acquire this level of understanding when you work for yourself.

Identifies Reasons That Motivate You To Work

The last big thing that hustling can teach us is our why as well.

This is huge as a lot of companies have yet to embrace the larger picture. In a lot of cases day job workers are left out of the picture of company goals and visions. This leaves workers disengaged and not interested in the work (unlike Google).

When you hustle on your own you need to find your reasons to pursue something of course.

Once more, the responsibility falls to you to get off your ass and move.

So you’ll need something pretty compelling in order to drive yourself to new heights and pursue those goals.

Try This

When we pursue something ourselves, the rules of our life shifts drastically and become something completely different. This unique position can make a powerful impact when it comes to learning about ourselves.

Try it out.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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