Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

I Said Yes To Being In A Startup

Recognize that your road to success will have many twists and turns that are all worth enjoying.

A few weeks ago if you told me I’d be working for a startup company I wouldn't believe you. However, in a quick turn of events leading up to a quick conversation I had Saturday night, I find myself working in a startup company as of yesterday.

It all started when one of my accountability partners was talking to our group of three about investors. It was strange to me because he lacks a website, and only offers investing coaching.

For sure that’s a service, but he’s only just starting it.

But as the weeks went by and we were talking about it, the more things started to fit and make sense. It’s to the point now where my accountability partner has a clear path of what he wanted to do.

He merely needs a team to help with it.

I said yes with no hesitation at all when he said he was looking for an editor and someone to help him with marketing. I’ve been working with my accountability partner for so long I know his work ethic and that he is a guy that I can trust.

But that’s not the only reason I said yes so readily.

A lot of it is to do with the journey that I’m on and what I recognize it to be. My decision for being in this startup is more than the hopes of improving my craft, getting paid, or because the owner is a great guy I enjoy working with.

It’s because it’s a new experience and that the journey that we all take has twists and turns. And the truth is, we never really know what’s going to propel us forward until we put in an honest effort. So might as well take the leap, learn something new, and see where it takes us.

Taking The Leap

Throughout our journey through life, there will be many opportunities that come to us and we make the decision to take them or leave them behind. While we do have our own preferences and values and those dictate what sort of opportunities appeal to us the most, I’d argue that it’s worth setting aside some of those values for some opportunities in the future.

As Richard Branson once expressed, even if we don’t fully understand the work that we have to do, say yes anyway and learn along the way. I think that this is a good principle to have as it pushes us to do things that we wouldn’t otherwise do.

It pushes us into situations that we’re not at all familiar with. Plus if we do this long enough, we don’t really mind taking these leaps once in a while. We find it refreshing and a nice change of pace.

Because in those particular moments we realize that to hit our goals, we don’t always have to take the path that we’ve set out to do. Our lives changes and our goals change as well. This applies to the path that we walk too.

And even if you fail from taking that leap, or you’re set back heavily, you’ll always be coming out smarter and stronger.

Making New Experiences

The life I have as an entrepreneur is intermingled with my personal life quite a bit. It’s to the point that the only thing I can talk about in most instances is about my work.

It’s something that I honestly want to be changing and for me to do that I think boils down to making more money. But also to make experiences.

These experiences don’t have to be only in my personal life. I think that taking on this extra work through this startup will give me a chance to experience different kind of work that’ll expand my repertoire. Not to mention, the potential future dividends will help substantially in helping me better structure my life.

New experiences enrich our lives in different ways, but they all do one thing well. They breathe new life, new meaning, and a new purpose for us. I have no idea what’s going to happen with this startup I’ve joined, but I’m excited to see where it’ll take us. It’s a good opportunity for me to learn more about the inner workings of a growing business in a different way than how I’m watching my one-man business grow. And that experience can be valuable.

Time will tell whether this idea will flop or not, but regardless, I’m in it for the long haul and to see it through to the end.

This level of dedication is something we all must cherish as it leads us to a more accepting and open mind about the ideas and the innovation that is occurring throughout the world.