I’m Taking A Superhero Workout Challenge

A bold move is sometimes all you need to really change your life.

That couldn’t be truer and I know the best way to get there.

100 push-ups.

100 sit-ups.

100 squats.

and a 10 km jog.

Every day for 100 days.

This decision isn’t out of the blue for me or unfounded. I’ve struggled plenty with my health and ever since I’ve downloaded a health app and started working out on my own again, my results have been stagnant.

I’ve been fluctuating between 212 pounds and 208.5 pounds for the past month. It’s good maintenance, after all, back in October, I was hovering around 220–225 pounds. But I’m not looking to maintain an unhealthy weight for my age.

I’m looking to drop it.

And over the past several years and looking at my life, the only way I really know how to make a dramatic impact is to crank up the dial to 15/10 and commit to something.

And that’s when I discovered this workout challenge.

I’ll admit this challenge is out of the blue for me in that I discovered this literally yesterday. But at the same time, it’s a challenge I think that I can commit to.

I know someone who is in worse shape than me who is on day 32 of this challenge at the time of writing this. So if they can do it, why can’t I? Furthermore, I’ve already gone through a high-intensity workout challenge before. And this challenge is intense but not as intense as what I went through at the end of October to the beginning of December.

This is why I’m committing to this. It’s hard, but not as hard as some of the tougher stuff I’ve done last year. Not to mention, I’m still committed to improving my health and I recognize that I need these massive leaps in order to take control of my health.

What this commitment is all about is a reminder for all of us that if we really want something to change, sometimes the best option is to go bigger and commit. To take that leap into the unknown and see where it takes us.

Yes, it’s going to be difficult. I’m sure there will be days where I’m going to hate jogging. Especially since I’ve had several issues with jogging/leg exercises in the past.

But when we take these bold steps, we learn to work around it. Already I’ve been thinking of tackling these exercises in reps of 10 per set. Taking a brief break between each set.

We also learn to affirm ourselves. We create mantras of our own. Or maybe we’ll announce our intentions on a grander scale. This is what I have a tendency to do. Especially since I’ve been writing about my health and it’s issues for a few years now.

Slowly but surely, we find a way to motivate ourselves and convince ourselves that this commitment will work. I find that when taking bold steps, there is resistance, but we can overcome it with sheer conviction and belief that it’ll work.

And that thought process isn’t delusional. Especially when you give it some thought and point at specific issues as I have. Many people have experienced being bold as a means of gaining positive reassurance. When fear is washed away, there is room for positive gains amongst other things.

It’s normally the fear that keeps so many people at bay.

But I recognize that in order for us to change our lives in a big way, we need to find the right tools, methods, and mindset to help us achieve that. Time and again, I’ve learned I have to go over the top and commit. I have to do these crazy and seemingly rash decisions in order to get myself up and doing the things that I really want to do.

I know for others, that’s different. And I challenge you to find whatever it is and commit to that. Look back at your life and look at the progress that you made and determine what exactly you did or thought at the time to help you complete that task.

I’m heading off for my run and exercises now.