Mixing Up The Formula Is Good

On Monday I made a big decision with regards to my Instagram account.

I made the decision to delete a lot of my posts on Instagram. Before deleting them, there was 916 posts.

Now there’s slightly less with also some new content.

Now I can imagine some of it is warranted, after all I posted A LOT on there. But my rationale is I want to provide a fresh new look for my profile.

In fact I want to be mixing up the formula of my content.

For one I’ve been losing followers. Though I don’t have that many, I noticed I’m consistently losing followers.

Some of it is due to my infrequent posting, but I can imagine my content as well is slipping.

Either way my point is…

Experimentation, or mixing up the formula is good at times.

Think about it.

You are an entrepreneur. Whether you are a blogger, an author, or someone selling another product or a service- it’s important for us to address problems when they arise.

And when we do have problems, we of course aim to figure out how to fix it. It is at that point in our troubleshooting methods where we try different things.

At least that’s the case with me.

Still not being afraid to mix up the formula and try something different says something about you.

Even though you may be weakening your stance, it allows you to breath new life into your work.

I know even before deleting my posts, I spent some time researching and figuring out more about Instagram. How to create effective posts and develop a strategy of how I’ll move forward.

It even gave me the strategy to slowly delete my older posts in chunks as opposed to all at once. This is important as even during experimenting and considering your options…

You are still learning something new!

This is incredible because we as entrepreneurs need to learn.

As humans we need to learn.

To grow in life is to learn in life.

And how we learn in life is by experimenting, making mistakes, discovering solutions.

I have no idea if my new strategy will work, but I am determined to try it out and see where it will take me. That in itself is exciting for me already!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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