Putting A Plan Together: 3 Key Things to Consider

As the old saying goes:

A failure to plan, is a plan to fail.

And I would agree that we all need to have some kind of plan in our lives. I push for people to have plans because I believe a plan is essentially your map of life.

True you can have goals and dreams, however at the end of the day if you have no idea how you’ll get there, it’ll be tougher. Tougher in the sense that you’ll have no way to track them. Not to mention it’ll be tough to commit to them since they’re in your head.

That’s what a plan is for.

A plan is something that’ll serve as a reminder of where you are and what you need to be doing. But a plan can be a lot more than that, or at least seen to be something a lot bigger. So today I want to share 3 key things to consider when putting a plan together that’ll help you to get into the pilot seat.

Key 1: Plans aren’t detailed

When I was first introduced to plans, I was in high school and was told I had to put together a business plan for entrepreneurship class. It wasn’t bad to put it together at first, however once I got to college and university, they turned into dreadful things that I didn’t enjoy doing at all. Primarily because it was time consuming, and required a lot of research and info.

I’m still not a fan of doing business plans, however over the years I became curious how often business plans are actually used. I realized that business plans were hardly ever used by business professionals, in fact when one was made it was hardly reviewed. Furthermore the arguments against business plans are rather compelling.

As a result, my planning today it’s very brief. In fact my plans are a few words written down on a piece of paper.

That’s it.

I will agree that plans do need to be detailed in certain situations. For example a business plan is used if you know for a fact your business idea will cost upwards to millions of dollars to start-up. But those are rare cases.

However we’re not writing a business plan. This is a plan to achieve your goals and get into the pilot seat. Keeping it simple is smarter.

Key 2: Plans can Change

Another thing to keep in mind is that our plans can change. If your plan is your goals, well it may be possible that you change how you will achieve those goals.

Over the months, how I will achieve my goals have changed a lot as well. Primarily in how I will achieve the big goals that I set for this year. If you check out my old Monthly Goal posts on my blog you’ll notice that I jump around a lot. I use different approaches or goals to accomplish the same thing.

Even though now I don’t recommend changing much of how you’ll go about your goals, it’s the principal of it. Our goals may change. We may realize this wasn’t the best approach. In other words, have an open mind and be flexible.

It’s why I believe when setting goals and planning that you put a minimal amount of time to writing them down. Though detail is nice, you do want to leave the door open for the possibility that you may not be able to achieve your goal that way for whatever reason.

Key 3: Keep your Plan Close To You

My plan for every week is written down on a notepad next to my desk. A simple glance over to the right and I’ll see it sitting there.

Even though the plan is a bunch of words, you want to keep it close. It serves as a reminder of what you need to do. That’s why keeping it simple as well can help as it’s not going to give you a headache reading it.

When your plan is out in plain sight, it’s easy to avoid it. Going back to those business plans, people don’t bother checking it after it’s written because nine times out of ten they threw it into their desk or a filing cabinet. Never to see the light of day until you happen to open your desk or that filing cabinet looking for a pen or some paper.

By keeping your plan close to you, you can stay motivated and you know where you’re going. Again, this plan is your map and a map is only ever useful when it is seen and is being used.

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