Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

The Secret To Being A Thriving Entrepreneur

One simple technique — or rather mindset — can help you in becoming an entrepreneur and building a fantastic business.

Being an entrepreneur is a difficult path to take riddled with challenges and all sorts of obstacles. The path for as long as I have been on this path is a path of immense growth. You need to learn to persevere, to find your own motivation, and to have a solid idea and core values that you want to stick to.

The list goes on and on, but one thing that I feel is often overlooked is a rather unique skill. It’s a skill — more specifically a mindset — that I believe turns your run of the mill entrepreneur into a thriving entrepreneur.

And that skill is looking at everything as an opportunity.

And I’m not just talking about an opportunity to advance your goals or your business.

I’m talking about seeing opportunities for everything.

An opportunity for a single fan.

An opportunity for a new friendship.

An opportunity to look at your business or yourself in a completely different light.

This doesn’t sound like much or even revolutionary, but I’d argue it’s a pretty big thing.

As Gary Vaynerchuk once said,

“One is greater than zero.”

That’s obviously the truth but the context of that quote is significant. He’s referring to the potential of us growing substantially.

We’re one friend away from having an amazing relationship that could change our lives.

We’re one video/article view away from getting approached by a large media company who is looking to hire someone for a big project.

But by extension of that, something that doesn’t necessarily align with our goals is still worth looking at. And here is why.

It Can Build New Relationships

A couple of days ago, one of my writing buddies, Steve Campbell, received an errant email from a man mistaking his identity. Instead of getting flustered, defensive, or brushed the email off, Steve saw this an opportunity.

He started talking to them and as a result, he formed a connection. In the end, while Steve didn’t get any further in his business goals, he does have a connection and that is immensely valuable. Especially in this case since it’s an investor.

Not only could this individual invest in Steve’s business, but Steve has a point of contact to the investing and business world. Here is the thread of tweets discussing it.

This new relationship is a new perspective to businesses and that can pay dividends.

Entrepreneurs work on growing their business and investors focus on what business practices will help a business grow more. It’s good synergy.

So even if Steve doesn’t get an investor, he does gain valuable insight that will serve him in the future.

It Keeps Up Motivation

Another important aspect of being an entrepreneur is finding your own workflow and motivation. The road to success is a long one and every entrepreneur who’s been at this long enough knows that all the motivational videos in the world can only do so much.

You need your own source of motivation and it can’t be entirely from something external.

Where seeing everything as an opportunity comes in is that it can provide you with a lot of hope. Yes, some things won’t always go as planned but I’m of the mind that if you have at least one option to continue doing what you value doing, take it.

And run with it for as long as it’ll take you.

And the best kind of example I can show that through is my own writing experience.

Starting out, I wasn’t the best writer out there, not to mention the fact I didn’t get paid at all. But things started to change for me when a few opportunities came to me.

A friend sent me a link to an advertising agency. I’ve been working with this advertiser for 3 years now. The money isn’t phenomenal but the work I have to do is minimal and at the time it gave me hope that I could make a living writing.

I heard about Medium through a group of bloggers I joined up in. From there I focused on being consistent and growing myself and it’s now to a point where Medium is part of my income stream. It’s not much right now, but I’m still working on making Medium a place to grow my audience, improve my work, and to support myself financially.

All of those things provide me with renewed motivation. From a point where writing could’ve been a hobby at first, I looked for a handful of opportunities and now have the confidence that I can make a living writing. Not to mention have the right attitude to seek and take advantage of opportunities too.

It’s Solves Problems Faster

But the biggest thing about all of this is that it makes problem-solving a lot easier.

We’re not going to be able to avoid our problems in the long-term. However, we all know that problems are opportunities for us to grow. That growth though is largely dependent on our ability to seek opportunities and convey those ideas and take action.

So if we’re already of the mind that problems aren’t problems but rather ways for us to grow, we’re already ahead of the game. Our questions and the conclusions that we draw from will be completely different.

No longer will we be thinking of “How can I solve this?” but instead “How can I grow from this?” or even “How can this benefit me?

It gives us room for more opportunities to be creative and grow and this is necessary for entrepreneurs. After all, many entrepreneurs have recommended that we start a business based on problems that we face in our daily lives.

There are countless companies that are founded on the basis that the owner had to deal with a problem or was exposed to a problem, really cared about it or found few solutions, and then made the decision to do something about it.

That thought process can only come from us seeing problems as more opportunities as opposed to real barriers.

And all that is left for us is to take action and follow through with those ideas.

The wonderful thing about people is that we can look at the same thing and note completely different things about it. As a result, there are many opportunities for us to grow and learn and change our lives around.

All that you need to do is work on developing this mindset. Start to ask the questions that really matter and allow you to see everything as an opportunity to better yourself one way or another.