Breakups Shouldn’t Be Shocking
Shannon Ashley

There’s only one relationship I’ve been in in my life at this point and it went down quite quickly. I was personally setting my standards pretty low seeing as I was the boyfriend of a woman who just dumped her previous boyfriend a few weeks ago at the time. Still, it’s good that she called it off when she did. From my experiences, we had a talk and everything was good.

Even though I haven’t been dating at all since then, I’ve used that sort of standard. I think it’s weak of a man to do anything but tell someone straight up. The same applies for women as well. Even as a teenager, I believed it was important to talk things out. Yeah you’re still going to feel the sting and I cried a few days later (even when I knew things weren’t going to last), but it’s better to talk it out at the heat of the moment as opposed to flaking out.

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