Three Quality Changes You Can Make

There is this saying that I’ve heard hundreds of times and no doubt I’ll be hearing it hundreds more:

“Quality over quantity”

This simple statement has made many changes in the world. It’s why some of the most ancient of technologies are still functional while newer stuff is getting replaced more frequently.

True you can argue that there is scarcity and manufacturers were more liberal with their material usage amongst many other things, but at the end of the day some old items were built to last.

Not to mention there is nearly 8 billion people on the planet at this rate.

It may be because of that that companies have been more focused on pleasing the masses than the few. We have more businesses concerned about quantity as opposed to quality.

It makes business sense.

The faster and more efficient you can get things out the more money you can make. However by doing things cheaper and faster you are taking a cut into quality more than likely.

For business it’s smart, ensuring people will routinely buy ones product. But we have also adapted this into our own lives.

And it’s not going as smooth.

So today I want to share a few quality changes you can make to yourself and/or your business that can help you to go back to quality thinking.

Because quality is surprisingly good.

Drop The Automated Messages

Automation is a wonderful thing in life, but as I’ve been learning there is such a thing as too much automation. I see it notably on my Twitter account.

I use tools to follow, and unfollow people on there, but I recently turned off the automated direct messaging feature. I did this for a few reasons.

It’s incredibly annoying and;

If I want to connect with someone, it’s smarter to start a conversation.

I understand the appeal of it. You can get some potential conversions. Connect with people easier and so much more. It makes life easier.

But does it really?

I can understand when you get hundreds of followers on a daily basis it’s hard to send a message. However even in this case the quality of the followers can be lacking.

Not to mention some don’t even check their messages or don’t respond.

A lot of them may be people you’re not even interested in at all. Why would you send a message to them?

Instead focus on the people you do want to connect with and send them a message. It shows you’re going the extra mile to personally send one rather than a robot.

Be Selective Of Your Goals and To-Do List

For me, my life is revolved around goals and a to-do list. Some times this list is in my head, most times I write it down. Goals I always write down.

But I know a lot of people can go overboard on that. They list everything they need to do down to picking up groceries or taking kids to soccer practice. Same goes for goals, they write so many down.

It’s great to be writing things out and having that reminder, but the reality is that it can become overwhelming.

Many people get stressed from lists and I can tell you having a list of 2 or even 3 items is all you need.

Overall having shorter lists allows you to focus and truly get things done quick and proper. You’re fixated on the task at hand as opposed to worrying about the other multitude of items on the list.

The same is true with goals. When you have a few goals, you can zero in on one at a time and not worry about the others. You’re placed into a mentality that you’ll work until you’ve made sufficient progress on that goal.

One way you can go about this is tie a strong reason or purpose to the goal. What’s it’s importance on this list?

The same applies for the to-do list. Some of the items on to-do lists may be habitual things you do already. Take them off.

And if you don’t have either of these lists, I’d suggest at least have some goals and write them down.

Focus On Your Needs

The last thing is a build on the previous point, focusing on your needs. What this is to me is a mental note of my abilities, where I want to go, how I’m going to get there and where I’m at right now. In essence it’s an action plan.

I use this action plan as a tool to focus, I don’t spend time dwelling or growing a skill I don’t particularly need. I do this for one reason: to have laser-precise focus.

Even though I’m only focusing on a few things, I am branching out a little as far as skills go. I do realize that having a large array of skills is important, but some skills need to be neglected in order for others to flourish.

It goes back to quality over quantity.

Take these principals to heart and try them out!

  1. Stop using automated messages and connect with people you want to connect with.
  2. Have fewer goals and shorter lists.
  3. Focus on the skills you are good at, hone them and slowly branch out once you have balance in life.

Let me know how it goes!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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