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Crush The Past: How To Avoid Letting It Define You

How I went from worrying about the past and using it to limit myself to moving away from it and simply not caring for it. I’ll share my secrets and view on why the past remains in the past.

Who You Are Today Isn’t Who You Are Tomorrow

The past has a weird way of creeping up on you. From seeing familiar faces, people saying certain words. There’s many triggers that cause us to think of our past.

Some times those memories are good. And some times it’s really bad.

I know this is the case for a lot of people. Some people unable to let go of the past. I still have a few tiny insignificant events that I still revisit myself.

It’s all part of a growing mindset.

A growing mindset is one where you are perpetually growing. Whether that’s consuming new information or revisiting the past.

Even in days where you feel you haven’t grown all that much, you’ll realize those “slump days” as instrumental days to growing even more the next.

Every single day is different no matter what. It’s just tougher to notice if you are doing the same thing every single day.

But this logic of thinking has led me to a revelation. Something obvious and can be used as a way to move away from the past.

It’s the simple belief that who we are today isn’t who we are tomorrow.

That you are growing from your past, bettering yourself every step of the way one way or another.

Why is this so important?

I believe it’s important for everyone who goes into business to know this.

When you set out to do something, you are starting from the ground floor. No one knows your name yet. But your past may be brought up.

People are quick to jump to criticize Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.

You might not get that level of criticism, but you’ll get some.

I recall in the past getting a few hateful comments on my Youtube channel.

Even in recent months I had a commenter tell someone else to look at my life.

According to this person I had no car, no real job, and living at my parents place.

That is absolutely true.

Getting comments like that can be devastating for some people.

Even when you aren’t starting a business and people talk badly about what you did, that hurts. It’s those kind of things that people cling to and struggle to let go of.

But in order to grow and change, we must view our past differently.

For me it’s different than the average person.

For myself, I’ve simply stopped caring.

I Refuse To Let The Past Define Me

Yes I wrote a book about it.

Yes it defines me as who I am today.

But that’s it.

I used to be one of those people who clung to the past. Particularly a few events I explain in my book.

But I know that the past doesn’t affect who I can become.

I didn’t let that comment bother me because I approached it rationally.

Yes, my past actions have defined me as someone with no job, no car, and living at my parents place. But all I have to say is:

So what’s your point?

So What?

An individual isn’t defined by what they have or where they are. Yes it does help individuals trust you more when you are seen as successful, however there are other ways.

Not to mention anyone can look successful if they wanted.

First, look at your personality as well as your own actions.

A lot of people, that commenter included, no doubt see a car as a status symbol. When you don’t have one, you look like a fool to them.

I don’t believe that.

Because people have a tendency to spend money they don’t have to make themselves look better.

They go through all that to make them look like they’re living the high life.

Yet they owe thousands of dollars and are impressing no one at all.

Instead of that, focus on what you can afford. Start thinking and growing yourself.

You don’t need a car, or take on massive debt to do great things.

Crushing your past is simply looking at your past actions and seeing how you can make amends to it.

How did you approach situations?

Did you learn anything from it?

What was your mindset at the time?

The Past Is The Past

My point is that so many people see the past as a representation of who people are today.

To some people, people can see me as an unsuccessful person no one wants to pay attention to. I’ve got this writing gig but I’m still living at my parents place and no fancy car.

But again, focus on the persons’s actions. Focus on your own current actions.

One of my aunts has genuinely said, “Eric is a very philosophical individual.”

That’s amazing to hear! That stems from me taking time to read several articles, a handful of novels, and meeting new people.

To move ahead from your past, find the actions that’ll lift you up.

So many people are clinging to old notions, consuming depressing news that doesn’t help them, and resist change.

Me, I’m investing in myself and it’s noticeable.

All because I take time out of my day to doing the right things. Tailoring my personality and taking action.

I’m not saying it to gloat or think I’m better. Anyone can do this and you can too!

About the past

So even though the past can be a very powerful moment in your life, it doesn’t describe who you are right now.

We are constantly changing and even when we feel we’re not, we can adapt and change so much.

Refuse to let people see you as who you once were.

You are always growing, always changing, and becoming a better version of yourself!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon