Photo by Art Lasovsky on Unsplash

Writing Over Any Slump

Let’s face it… I’m kind of in a slump. But here is what we should do whenever we feel this way.

For the past few months now I’ve been making it my goal to be publishing four articles every week on Medium. I’d like to aspire for more than that, recalling back to my beginning of my writing career where I was publishing perhaps three or four articles on various platforms every day.

But for the past little while, things have started to come to a stall. I write something and half-way in I say to myself….

“This doesn’t feel right.”

It feels forced, awkward and honestly not really me.

I don’t feel like anything is wrong with me but without a doubt, these feelings that I feel at various times have put me in a sort of slump.

Your story for getting stuck probably isn’t the same as mine but all the same we’ve all felt that same sort of stuckness.

And it sucks.

But I’m a firm believer that whenever something even remotely bad happens to us, there is a lesson in there for us to learn. And in the case of being in a slump, it’s realizing the things that you need to do and develop in order to get out of a slump.

So here is what I think we ought to do in these situations.

Stop looking forward right now and look in the past.

Don’t keep your mind in the past, but dedicate a bit of time to thinking about what you used to do in the past. While we all may have discarded habits that no longer serve us it doesn’t mean that all habits we had in the past were useless.

One thing that I realized from this slump is how little article reading I’ve been doing at the moment.

I’m not the type of person who spins articles, however, a lot of the work that I produce is due to me reading other articles that I find interesting. Topics that are discussed or even a few words or phrases are what have been sparking me into writing about them.

Sure they might not be the greatest articles in the world, but they are things that I find interesting and worth sharing and maybe others find it interesting as well.

For the past month, this is what I realized about my writing. So I shouldn’t be quick to throw that habit out the door. It’s a habit that I certainly need moving forward.

Take the time to look at what you are currently doing and what sort of habits fill that which you lack that you used to do. It’s basically relapsing, but relapsing into a good habit.

A habit that you need to get out of your slump.

And what if you can’t find that magic habit?

Well fortunately for us there are many other solutions but one that comes to mind for me right now is…

Do the work anyway.

Go ahead, hustle. Push yourself and force yourself out of that slump.

If brute force doesn’t work, consider finding something truly exciting.

It follows the same principle of overcoming fear in the business world.

“Your excitement for a project needs to be higher than the potential fear that the risks may bring.”

In other words, you need to find something so exciting that you’ll do it no matter what and that you’re excited to do more during the process. No distractions will be able to stop you from the sheer excitement and focus you can develop for a specific task.

Then follow that principle with other things as well.

One thing that I’m finding particularly helpful in this instance is to remind yourself why you’re doing this. The reason why this article for me right now “feels right” is because producing articles is the only way I’m going to make money.

Of course, I can look for other work. I could go back to school or take some other routes, but I won’t do that. Right now in my life, writing, and writing on Medium feels right to me.

So I’ll be focusing on that. I’ll be pumping myself up and getting excited. I may not get many views or any traction at all with this article but that’s alright. I’m not here for the numbers. I’m here to share my thoughts.

It’s this deep-rooted reminder that we can all tap into ourselves that can push us through any slump.

We all have different reasons for getting in business and doing what we are doing right now, and sometimes we need to remind ourselves that.

But above all, we need to remind ourselves that our slump is all in our head.

It’s a mental trick to keep us stalled. It’s our brain in a sense protecting us by inadvertently slowing us down.

But we shouldn’t be slowing down. Instead, we need to be taking these periods in strides. It’s in these slump periods where we can remind ourselves why we are doing this, but why we have to do this no matter what.

I shouldn’t be slowing down my writing just so I can be comfortable. And we shouldn’t be stalling for that sake either.

So let’s push together. It’s times like these where if one person rises up, many others will follow the lead.