Pedophiles Want Human Rights. THE HORROR!!
Ender Wiggin

Prior to 1880 it was legal for a girl aged 10 to marry. In America back then the age of consent was 10–12. It is only in the last 130 years that the age of consent has risen so highly. It has never been 16–18 in all of history. There is a reason for change in law and it is to control peoples sexual instincts. There is so much hysteria about pedophilia leading people into a frenzy of rage. Take a look 130 years ago and the word pedophilia didn’t even exist. Girls as young as 7 have been allowed to get married both in Western and Islamic cultures since the beginning of time. Look at this info.

As far as I am concerned if I have a desire for a 10 yr old girl, it’s normal and it used to be normal for thousands of years and who are you to tell me I am a pedophile and that it is now some crime or mental or genetic illness.

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