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Don’t kill the bad guys, but also don’t make them three-dimensional characters to redeem them either.

I deny that it was a mess; the majority of people are on my side here. So, I guess you’re not really using the word “undeniable” correctly, but sure dude.

It was fun. It started by focusing on Groot dancing rather than showing the battle for a reason. That battle wasn’t really the point of the movie, it put the action in the background because, that early on, there’s really no tension there, we don’t expect them to lose or even to really be tested. But it also served to jump us directly into the story, something that is refreshing in a sequel because we don’t need to rehash the first movie, we know these characters. I liked that choice.

I enjoyed the movie; it was entertaining and fun and funny, and it had emotional moments as well as comedic. You rip it for having gray areas with good-bad guys and bad-bad guys; that’s called having three-dimensional characters. That, also, is refreshing considering what other comic book movies have done recently by botching iconic characters like Batman, Superman (twice), and making heroes fight other heroes in Civil War as well as Batman v Superman (which still baffles me; do the writers not realize both are heroes? Fuck off dude, why would I watch that shit even if reviewers didn’t rip it for being a barely coherent story with characters that only resemble Batman and Superman in that they share the same names and costumes but with none of the characteristics or qualities that embody what we love about those characters).