I’m sorry, there is literally no way that Elway or Brees can be considered greater than Brady.
Mercer Atreides

Every QB I mentioned made their WRs HoFers is another way to look at it.

No deep threat; that’s not a problem, is it? They are more expensive, and the genius Belichick saw that he could construct a better roster by investing in the guys who work the middle of the field. Guys like Welker, and Edelman. Oh, and Gronkowski. Would you rather have a Mike Wallace or Torrey Smith, or one of those three guys?

You’re right, his offensive line hasn’t been elite for the past few years for the first time in his career. That’s part of why he’s in the top-tier of QBs. But he built his reputation with an elite offensive line, an elite defense, and an innovative offense, all with Belichick finding ways, again and again, of squeezing the best out of the team he was on.

If you think Elway couldn’t have had as much success as Brady, if not more, you just haven’t been paying attention. Which seems to be the case, as I didn’t say Brees was better.

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