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HERMIONE shoots RON a withering look as she aims to hit him but RON jumps out of the way.

That marriage is sure to end in divorce. What does she see in Ron, seriously? What does he bring to the relationship? Here’s a fun game: name a time Ron made her cry, or feel bad. Now try to think of a time he made her feel good about herself. The first one is easy, the next nigh-impossible. JK, tell me you’re just kidding with that relationship.

Harry truly is the worst namer of kids, ever, and even worse is that Ginny clearly didn’t have any say. Not sure if that reflects worse on him or her, but it’s not a good look for either.

I never understood why Harry would want to be an Auror. ‘Hey, you know the thing you were forced into your entire life? You wanna keep doing it?’ Um, no. I know he’s good at it, but shouldn’t he be a famous Seeker? You know, playing sports, having fun, enjoying those things missing from a childhood of loss, pain, and responsibility?

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