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“I say with complete sincerity that, excluding playoff games, last season was the only time I’ve ever changed my life just so that I could watch one player.”

How young are you? You never got to watch Jordan live?

“This is why I honestly think Curry has the potential to be the greatest regular-season player of all time. He not only understands that the NBA regular season is basically just an exhibition — he also fully embraces it. When he goes on the road, he knows he’ll perform in front of thousands of fans who might get to see him play in person just once a year. And when he’s at home, he knows he’ll play in front of thousands of fans who would consider it the pinnacle of their lives if he simply acknowledged their existence.”

Again, that’s Jordan too. That’s just part of the reason why Jordan is the greatest of all-time: he played every game like it mattered. He refused to let his team lose meaningless games they had no right to win simply because he wouldn’t allow it.

LeBron doesn’t do that shit; that’s part of why he has a virtually 0% chance of every surpassing Jordan, no matter what hyperbolic idiots want to happen. No knock on LeBron; he’s great, and taking games off makes sense. He’s trying to win a Championship every year, and he’s willing to loaf in order to make it happen. That’s smart strategy.
But it sure as hell will prevent you from being the greatest of all time. Jordan didn’t want to win a Championship every year, he wanted to win every game he every played in, and he made up games within the game so that he could win those too, because winning only once per game wasn’t enough. He wanted to go undefeated every year.
He wanted to vanquish any rival who rose up, and he fucking did. Some people lament that Jordan never had a foil to push him the way Bird had Magic, and vice versa. Well, that’s because Jordan murdered them all. Whenever a rival rose up, Jordan ripped their soul out, ate it, and grew stronger.

Jordan’s also the greatest scorer who ever played the game: he led the league in points-per-game more seasons than anybody else (and Phil Jackson is the only reason he didn’t do it more), his PPG got even higher when the playoffs started and competition rose because he always rose to the occasion, and his PPG rose yet higher in the Finals.
He is also probably the best defender ever at his position.
He mentored Scottie Pippen and made Scottie into one of the best 15 players ever. But Scottie also remains the most underrated basketball player of all-time because that’s how great Jordan’s shadow is.

The next time some shit like that happens, let me know. Until then, appreciate LeBron, and Curry, all you want; you should, they’re fucking great. But they ain’t the greatest.

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