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If he goes back in time and prevents Michael Jordan from being Michael Jordan he can claim best ever; that’s it.

It’s too late; you can’t take games, weeks off, and be the greatest ever. LeBron does.
When Jordan played, he *never* lost games he should’ve won. Every game he played in he entered that game thinking that it might be the first, and only, time somebody in the crowd got to see Michael live. He played like it.
LeBron takes off sometimes; Michael didn’t.

Listen, if LeBron thinks that’s the way to win titles, then good on him. I’m not saying he’s wrong to do so. But being the best means showing up every game, all game.
I’ve heard stories about how Rasheed Wallace may have been the best ever if only he applied himself. Well, guess what? You need to apply yourself. All the time. Like Mike.

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