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Nothing’s wrong with that (although of course you know that; rhetorical question, I know. Answered it anyway).

It’s great when art pushes the medium and challenges you. It’s great when art makes you think, and opens your mind.
But it’s also pretty effective at merely being an escape from reality. It’s effective when it’s comfortable and you don’t need to work at it. It’s nice that arcs come, are wrapped up, and go. It’s nice when they don’t keep adding balls to juggle, one after another, without ever putting one down. Sometimes that methodical way of adding, solving, then moving on approach to story arcs is a better method; it allows us to relax and enjoy a show.

Some art should challenge you, but some should just make you feel good. Both types (and probably more that I haven’t mentioned) are important. Praising prestige tv can’t allow us to forget the satisfaction you can get from shows like Suits.

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