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Okay, let me attack this dumb obsession with graphical capabilities that developers have (and consumers too?):

WHO GIVES A SHIT?! I’m still playing NCAA Football 06 and Madden 06 over the much shittier Madden 16 for the Xbox 360; the graphics don’t matter!

Honestly, the “inferior” graphics for 06 may be an advantage because we don’t hit the uncanny valley; every odd movement of the body, even too-upright run, and rag-doll flailing after a tackle, is so obvious, and so… what’s the opposite of immersive? in 16.
Although honestly the physics in 06 is just plain better; WAY better. When somebody is hit, they stagger and regain their feet sometimes. They mostly fall as a human would. In 16, you spin and flail like a crash-test dummy, everybody runs with the same upright, too-stiff motion that nobody would imitate in real life, and pad-level/momentum/inertia/physics/leverage don’t really matter, or even exist.
Now, part of that is simply because the Madden developers are lazy and shitty; that’s not necessarily a problem with better graphics. BUT the point is, graphics only matter up to a point. It’s hard to replay Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation, for instance, but most games on the Xbox are fine, much less the 360. (Or Playstation 2 and Playstation 3, respectively.)

Content matters so much more than graphical fidelity, but it seems like developers care so much more about the latter. It’d be nice if we could send a message to focus on making good games rather than making smoke move more realistically.

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