As far as definition of MVP goes, what about this: The MVP is the player who did the most to…
Lukas Ali Hein

So much of what Westbrook has done this season, what has been written about him this season, makes me think of what Simmons wrote in The Book of Basketball about Wilt.
I don’t entirely blame Westbrook for thinking that the better he does, the more likely his team will win; I blame his coaches as well. But he is wrong, and his style of basketball this season offends me as a basketball purist.
I don’t think that any of his teammates are better for having had him as a teammate, and to me the MVP cannot retard the development of his teammates across the board, and Westbrook clearly does that.
Bill Bradley would not endorse this style of basketball, nor would he support Westbrook as MVP, I don’t think.
(I don’t think Bradley would criticize Westbrook, he’d probably go out of his way to praise Westbrook’s talent, work ethic, and desire, because he’s not a hater, but he wouldn’t approve of the thinking that says what Westbrook did this season was good for OKC.)

I’d give Westbrook offensive player of the year, but not MVP.

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