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Very smart, measured article. I would like to chime in, however, that saying “ who will lead your team — if you catch him in a good year — to a pleasant enough 7–9 season” is a bit misleading. That’s who *he* is, sure, but the upside of this *team* is quite a bit higher, I think.
I expect this team to finish with something around 10 wins; it’s just such a great team top-to-bottom (like the Rams, actually) with a really, really good coach (that’s the difference).
Bradford won’t be *leading* them to that many wins, he’ll be dragged by a great team to it — which is an important distinction to make — but this team has a higher ceiling than 7 wins for sure.

Although possibly Bradford will only get 7 wins for them as Hill, or possibly a free agent signing, will take over and get the remaining wins after Bradford gets injured.

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