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White Collar was your favorite? I liked it for a while, it was light and fun. Those Ocean’s Eleven-style capers are always fun.

When Sara Ellis (Hilarie Burton) was introduced to the show it made it better, in my opinion; gave it depth and gave Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) a great female sort of-foil to banter with. She was smart, sexy, and capable.
Then of course they started dating, which was cool; they were good for each other.

BUT… then his ex came back into his life, and he cheated on Sara with her. Fuck you dude.
If you still have feelings for your ex, that’s fine, that’s understandable. But don’t start dating somebody else if you still aren’t over her, if you can’t appreciate your new partner properly. That’s not fair to her, asshole. I’m not watching a show that has such an unlikable, selfish prick as its main character; I’m not watching a show that condones such behavior. Can’t come back from that, Caffrey.

Haven’t watched a minute since.

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